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[UDUNITS #GYX-412442]: Installing UDUNITS


> The program name is CDFconvert (the source code can be found here
> http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/rmctc/cdf_cvt/) and yes it does require
> a Fortran compiler as most (if not all) of the code is written in F90.
> I guess this is the problem with using a less well known compiler.

I'm afraid you're right.

It's possible -- even likely -- that the calling-conventions of your
Fortran compiler are identical to those of a supported compiler.  The
problem is determining which one.

One crucial calling-convention deals with the passing of strings (CHARACTER*
variables).  Do you know how your Fortran compiler does it?  Some compilers
pass a pointer to the string and add an additional argument that specifies
the length; other compilers pass a structure that encapsulates the string.

You could also just try the various calling-conventions, one-at-a-time, to
see if one works with "CDFconvert".  The C macros are listed in the UDUNITS
file "port/cfortran/cfortran.h".  I would start with "f2cFortran".

You might also try contacting the vendor of the Fortran compiler to ask
if there calling-conventions are similar to the well-known ones listed
in the previously-mentioned file.

Good luck.

Steve Emmerson

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