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[UDUNITS #ZAA-270919]: UDUNITS - UDUNITS configure error- ./config.status: line 1163: Makefile: No such file or directory


> All better now!  After getting away from Windows spaces in the path
> names, I hit a few other problems and found answers in the mail
> archives.  This worked fine for me for both 1.12.3 and 1.12.4 under
> Cygwin:
> (PERL="" CPPFLAGS=-Df2cFortran ./configure && make all install
> clean) > log 2>&1 &


> I hit a Perl error, but I don't need Perl, so I just went with the empty
> string.  Thanks again for looking at this.

You're most welcome.  Good luck.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: ZAA-270919
Department: Support UDUNITS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed