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[UDUNITS #ZAA-270919]: UDUNITS - UDUNITS configure error- ./config.status: line 1163: Makefile: No such file or directory


> Institution: Northrop Grumman
> Package Version: 1.12.3, 1.12.4 (same error with either version)
> Operating System: Cygwin on Win 2K
> Hardware Information: Dell
> Inquiry: 'configure' for UDUNITS won't complete.  It gives the error in the 
> attached log.  This results from the default instructions, "(./configure && 
> make all install clean) > log 2>&1 &", in a Cygwin bash shell.  It dies 
> before reaching make.  I tried ignoring this and running make, but make goes 
> into an infinite loop.  I didn't find anything that explained this on the 
> UDUNITS mail list.  (Please point me the right way if I missed something.)  
> Thanks for any help!

Cygwin, eh?  I don't know whether or not the UDUNITS package will build on that 

The file "configure.log" had the following error:

    expanding `include's in file `Makefile'
    ./config.status: line 1163: Makefile: No such file or directory

Go to the top-level source-directory.  Does the file "Makefile" exist?

Does the file "config.log" indicate what, specifically, is the problem in
expanding the "include" statements in that file.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: ZAA-270919
Department: Support UDUNITS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed