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Re: 20051217: UDUNITS - udunits


> To: address@hidden
> From: "Yolande Serra" <address@hidden>
> Subject: UDUNITS - udunits
> Organization: University of Arizona
> Keywords: 200512162223.jBGMNFTT025707

The above message contained the following:

> Institution: University of Arizona
> Package Version: udunits 1.12.3
> Operating System: OS X 10.4.3
> Hardware Information: Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5
> Inquiry: when I try to compile a fortran code that calls both udunits and 
> netcdf libraries I get the following error:
> serra% g77 -I/sw/include ncep_clim.f get_time.f handle_err.f -o ncep_clim 
> -L/sw/lib -lnco -lnetcdf -ludunits
> udunits.inc: In program `ncep_clim':
> udunits.inc:32: 
>          UD_POINTER utmake
>          1                2
> Unrecognized statement name at (1) and invalid form for assignment or 
> statement-function definition at (2)
> serra%
> My g77 (3.4.3) and udunits versions are the same that I ran on my old G4 Mac, 
> and the code compiles on this mac. The main thing that has changed is the 
> machine itself. 
> Any ideas?

It appears that the file /sw/include/udunits.inc doesn't define the
macro UD_POINTER.  It should.  I suggest that you edit that file and
define UD_POINTER to be a Fortran type that can hold a pointer (e.g.,
INTEGER).  The type must be the same size as a pointer on the computer.

> Thanks, Yolande Serra
> address@hidden

Steve Emmerson

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