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20050405: problem using UDUNITS with Fortran code


> To: address@hidden
> cc: address@hidden (Ken Bell)
> From: Yuanchong Zhang <address@hidden>
> Subject: UDUNITS installtion
> Organization: UCAR/Unidata
> Keywords: 200504051922.j35JM9v2005883

The above message contained the following:

>       I've tried to install UDUNITS of either 1.12.4 or 1.11.7 but
> after installtion, when trying to compile a Fortran program , it
> always show errors in UDUNITS.inc, etc.
>       As required, I'm attaching 4 parts of outputs for you to exam.
> If you need, I can also give you the Fortran compilation error
> output. Thank you.
>       My platform is IBM AIX 4.

The information you attached showed that the UDUNITS package was
successfully built.  So the problem is probably in the use of the
UDUNITS package rather than in the UDUNITS package.

What problem do you have compiling UDUNITS-using Fortran code?  Can you
send me the error messages from the Fortran compilation and, also, the
installed-file "udunits.inc"?

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