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20050215: Building udunits on Altix IA64 using icc(1): <limits.h>


>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:58:50 -0500 (EST)
>From: Cliff Liu <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA
>To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20050215: Building udunits on Altix IA64 using icc(1): <limits.h>

The above message contained the following:

> Yes I did, and I didn't know configure script changes port/misc/limits.h.

The configure(1) script creates whatever files in "port/misc" that it
decides are necessary in order to have a Standard Unix compilation

> Now we are seeing the errors.
> address@hidden cliff]# cat conftest.c
> #include "///opt/intel_cc_80/include/limits.h"
> int int_max = INT_MAX;
> address@hidden cliff]# icc -c conftest.c
> ///opt/intel_cc_80/include/limits.h(22): catastrophic error: could not 
> open source file "limits.h" (no directories in search list)
>    #include_next <limits.h>
>                            ^

Good.  Let's try getting rid of the superfluous slashes in the pathname
of the icc(1) compiler's header-file.  Try this

    echo '#include "/opt/intel_cc_80/include/limits.h"' >conftest.c
    echo 'int int_max = INT_MAX;' >>conftest.c
    icc -c conftest.c

If this fails, then you have a severe problem with your compilation
environment and you might need to consult with the icc(1) vendor.

> Hope we're getting somewhere.

Me too.  Let me know.

Steve Emmerson

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