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20050210: Building udunits on Altix IA64


I'm glad to hear that you found a work-around.

Steve Emmerson

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Date:    Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:56:15 -0500
From:    Cliff Liu <address@hidden>To:      Steve Emmerson <steve@uni
cc:      address@hidden
Subject: Re: 20050210: Building udunits on Altix IA64

Hi Steve,

I had the same problem when using icc but not with gcc.  Fixing Intel 
compiler environment will better be left with Intel.  You'll be okay 
with this (leave CC unset, assuming gcc is still on your system):

PERL="" ./configure

Note that I didn't "mess with the UDUNITS perl extension module" either as 
suggested in INSTALL.  It didn't seem to affect gradshdf.

I built all with gcc, except netcdf with ifort.




Cliff Liu 
GMAO System Administration Group, SAIC/GSO
Tel 301-614-5062  Fax 301-614-5269

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