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20050115: units


> To: address@hidden
> From: Chris Webster <address@hidden>
> Subject: units
> Organization: NCAR
> Keywords: 200501152248.j0FMmXv2012012

The above message contained the following:

> I have a number of questions on units:

I assume you're referring to the UDUNTIS package.

> 0) How are powers represented (m2, m-2, m^2)?

The package can correctly interpret all those specifications.  For "m2"
it will print "meter2".

> 0.1) (grams/m3)^2 and (m/s)(ppmv)

The package doesn't understand the "ppmv" specification.

> 1) boolean or binary.  Is this just count with valid_range of 0-1?

I don't know what you mean.

> 2) Do deg (0-360) have a valid_range since they can wrap around (modulo)?

The UDUNITS package doesn't know "valid_range" from a 
hole-in-the-ground.  That's a netCDF thing.

> 3) I don't see any flow rates or concentrations (e.g. ppm, ppb, slpm, 
> vlpm, ppmv, sccm, ppv)?

The UDUNITS package doesn't handle "concentration" units very well.

> 4) How is Number/Liter represented?  We've used N/L, but that implies 
> newtons....

I would use "1/liter".

> --Chris

Steve Emmerson

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