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20050110: problem building udunits on freebsd 4.7-RELEASE


Well... you can do it that way, but it doesn't show what the problem is
or how to solve it.  And you'll have to revisit the same problem at the
next upgrade.

The apostrophes prevent variable expansion until the "eval" command is
executed (which is why the "eval" command is executed).  So the $doit
variable should, indeed, look like

    $CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c ${LIBS-}

Steve Emmerson

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Date:    Tue, 11 Jan 2005 15:57:43 -0600
From:    Neil Smith <address@hidden>To:      Steve Emmerson <steve@un
Subject: Re: 20050110: problem building udunits on freebsd 4.7-RELEASE 

Well, when I submitted
   doit='$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c 
I got error:
doit='$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c 
doit=$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c 
${LIBS-}: Command not found.
Well, of course (Duh). Wrong syntax for csh. And configure is a /bin/sh 
 > sh
$ doit='$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c 
$ echo $doit
$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c ${LIBS-}

What happened to variable replacement? So try:
$ doit="$CC -o conftest ${CFLAGS-} ${CPPFLAGS-} ${LDFLAGS-} conftest.c 
$ echo $doit
/usr/bin/gcc -o conftest -O -Df2cFortran conftest.c

So I take original configure script and replace single quotes with 
double quotes for this
doit initialization line in this section of code, and WooHoo!
I get a completed configure with OK-looking log and a successfull 'make 
    (running ./configure in a freebsd csh shell)

Does this make sense? I'd have to dig out my bourne shell book to check 


Neil R. Smith                           address@hidden
Comp.Sys.Mngr.                  (979)845-6272
Dept. Atmospheric Sciences/Texas A&M University

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