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20040815: building UDUNITS on Cygwin


>Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:55:57 -0700
>From: Dipesh Patel <address@hidden>
>Organization: USDA
>To: "'Steve Emmerson'" <address@hidden>
>Subject: RE: 20040815: building UDUNITS on Cygwin 
> Keywords: 200408131907.i7DJ7QaW021117 UDUNITS

The above message contained the following:

>       I increased the precision to display 6 decimal places, and it was
> still 19.000000.  I then tried 15 places, and it still 19.000000000000000.
> >Dipesh.

I created a new release (version 1.12.2) which corrects a floating-point
roundoff-error in the utCalendar() function.  Please try it and let me
know how it works for you.

The new release is available at


Steve Emmerson