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20040806: udunits Configure error (cont.)

>From: "Zewdu.Tessema-2" <address@hidden>
>Organization: OU
>Keywords: 200408052220.i75MKhaW005916 UDUNITS make

Hi Zewdu, 

>I found my error. I ran 'configure' in my PATH and NOT in the udunits/src
>directory. It worked when I ran './configure'. I am very sorry for the
>confusion I created.

I am glad you found this, because I would have never thought that you
were not in the src directory when you ran 'configure' :-)

>I still have one problem, though. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to
>install it in my directory. When, I do 'make install', it gave me the
>error message that I don't have permission to write (pure_site_install
>Error  255). I guess this is the same warning given in 'Installation
>Instruction # 4' (Need to be SUPERUSER to install udunits extension
>module...).  Do I reed this extension module?  If so, how I can force
>it to install it under my home directory? 

Our UDUNITS expert is out of the office at the moment, so the following
may not be exactly correct.  Please bear with me...

A quick read of the src/configure script shows that one can set the
directory in which binaries will get installed by specifying the
'--bindir' flag on the 'configure' command line.  It seems like this
would look like:

cd src
./configure --bindir=/home/zewdu/bin
make install

Again, I am not the expert on UDUNITS, so this may be incorrect.  I can
tell you that one of the options that can be specified on the
'configure' command line will be the one that needs setting.  You can
get a list of the flags that are supported as follows:

./configure --help

>Thanks for you help again.

No worries.

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