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20040726: udunits installation on Redhat linux

Bai xuezhi,

>Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 16:15:06 +0800
>From: Bai xuezhi <address@hidden>
>Organization: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
>To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20040723: udunits installation on Redhat linux
> Keywords: 200407230327.i6N3R5aW001217

The above message contained the following:

> Thank you very much for your kind reply. Now, I send you items A through
> F. Since I don't know how to redirect the error messages to the file
> named *.log, I just copy them from screen and put them into the end of
> the files, hope it does not affect your diagnostic . Followings are the
> items.

> making `all' in directory /usr/local/udunits/src/lib
> make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/udunits/src/lib'
> ln -s ../port/misc/udalloc.c .
> ln -s ../port/misc/udalloc.h .
> c89 -c -O -I../port/misc -I../port/cfortran 
> -DUT_DEFAULT_PATH='"/usr/local/uduni
> ts/etc/udunits.dat"'  utlib.c
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/udunits/src/lib'
> In file included from utlib.c:29:
> ../port/cfortran/cfortran.h:132:3: #error "cfortran.h:  Can't find your 
> environm
> ent among:    - MIPS cc and f77 2.0. (e.g. Silicon Graphics, DECstations, ...)
>        - IBM AIX XL C and FORTRAN Compiler/6000 Version 01.01.0000.0000
> - VAX   VMS CC 3.1 and FORTRAN 5.4.                                      - 
> Alpha
>  VMS DEC C 1.3 and DEC FORTRAN 6.0.                               - Alpha OSF 
> DE
> C C and DEC Fortran for OSF/1 AXP Version 1.2              - Apollo DomainOS 
> 10.
> 2 (sys5.3) with f77 10.7 and cc 6.7.                - CRAY
>                                              - NEC SX-4 SUPER-UX
>                                       - CONVEX
>                                - Sun
>                         - PowerStation Fortran with Visual C++
>                  - HP9000s300/s700/s800 Latest test with: HP-UX A.08.07 A 
> 9000/7
> 30        - LynxOS: cc or gcc with f2c.
>    - VAXUltrix: vcc,cc or gcc with f2c. gcc or cc with f77.                 -
>          f77 with vcc works; but missing link magic for f77 I/O.     -
>   NO fort. None of gcc, cc or vcc generate required names.    - f2c    : Use 
> #de
> fine    f2cFortran, or cc -Df2cFortran                 - NAG f90: Use #define 
> NA
> Gf90Fortran, or cc -DNAGf90Fortran              - Absoft UNIX F77: Use 
> #define A
> bsoftUNIXFortran or cc -DAbsoftUNIXFortran     - Absoft Pro Fortran: Use 
> #define
>  AbsoftProFortran     - Portland Group Fortran: Use #define pgiFortran"
> make[1]: *** [utlib.o] Error 1
> make: *** [lib/all] Error 1

The C compiler needs to be told what calling-conventions to use when
compiling the Fortran interface for the UDUNITS package.

If you will not use the Fortran interface, then it will not matter what
conventions you specify and the following should work:

    1.  Go to the top-level source-directory.

    2.  Perform steps 3 through 5, described near the end of the file

    3.  Ensure that the environment variable CPPFLAGS contains the string
        "-Df2cFortran", e.g.,

            export CPPFLAGS=-Df2cFortran


            setenv CPPFLAGS -Df2cFortran

    4.  Perform steps 6 through 9, described near the end of the file

If, however, you will use the Fortran interface, then the CPPFLAGS 
environment variable must define a specific C-macro that depends on the
Fortran compiler that you will use.  Examples for specific Fortran
compilers can be found in the file INSTALL.

Steve Emmerson