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20040324: UDUNITS on Windows


>Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 17:56:28 -0600
>From: "Mekonnen Woldemariam" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Iowa
>To: <address@hidden>
>Subject: Udunits question

The above message contained the following:

> About a year ago, you helped me run the program 'readgeneral.F' on a red =
> hat linux machine. Your help was very useful for my work. Now I have =
> another question, and I need your help.
> My overall objective is to read sea surface temperature data (in netCDF =
> file) produced by CDC. I managed to read the data using IDL program. I =
> extracted the time information using the program dump.c. However the =
> time information that I extracted is coded, and I need the 'udunits' =
> library to read the data.=20
> My problem is regarding udunits. This library is not available for =
> windows. So how can I convert the coded time into something =
> understandable in Windows? Are there any other programs that can do this =
> under windows? I am attaching a file containing the coded time =
> information.

Have you tried to build the UDUNITS library under Windows?  I haven't
-- but the code was intended to be fairly portable.  Please try and let
me know what happens.

> Thanks for your help,
> Mekonnen Gebremichael
> PhD Student
> IIHR-Hydroscience&Engineering
> The University of Iowa

Steve Emmerson