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20030718: installing UDUNITS on Linux


> To: address@hidden
> From: Mirco Di Marco <address@hidden>
> Subject: problem installing udunits
> Organization: ?

The above message contained the following:

> I'm trying to install udunits on my linux OS,but I have some problems.
> As you requested I include the following for assistance: 
>         * Standard output of the command "uname -a":
> Linux ocean-4 2.4.20-13.8 #1 Mon May 12 12:20:54 EDT 2003 i686 i686 i386
> GNU/Linux
>         * Standard and error output of the make command:
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/udunits-1.11.7/src/lib'
> ln -s ../port/misc/udalloc.c .
> ln -s ../port/misc/udalloc.h .
> c89 -c -O -I../port/misc -I../port/cfortran
> -DUT_DEFAULT_PATH='"/home/udunits-1.11.7/etc/udunits.dat"'  utlib.c
> In file included from utlib.c:29:
> ../port/cfortran/cfortran.h:132:3: #error "cfortran.h:  Can't find your
> environment among:    - MIPS cc and f77 2.0. (e.g. Silicon Graphics,

This is a known problem.  You must define the C macro "f2cFortran" in
the CPPFLAGS environment variable before executing the configure script
when building the UDUNITS package on a Linux system.

Please do the following:

    1.  Go to the top-level source directory.

    2.  Perform steps 3 through 5 described near the end of the file

    3.  Ensure that the environment variable CPPFLAGS contains the
        string "-Df2cFortran", e.g.,

            export CPPFLAGS=-Df2cFortran


            setenv CPPFLAGS -Df2cFortran

        depending on your user shell.  There are examples of this for
        Linux systems in the file INSTALL.

    4.  Perform steps 6 through 9 described near the end of the file

Please let me know if this helps.

Steve Emmerson