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20030703: UDUNITS


> To: address@hidden
> From: Richard Anyah <address@hidden>
> Subject: UDUNITS
> Organization: North Carolina State University
> Keywords: 200307021714.h62HEZLd014754

The above message contained the following:

> I have custom-installed UDUNITS LIB in an IBM computer( NCAR's
> Blackforest), but while I do not get any error during installation, when
> I include the udunits.inc I get the errors pointing to the following
> parts of the udunits.inc:
> #  ifndef PTR
> #  define PTR  integer
> # endif
> ..
> PTR utmake
> ...
> integer uttime

What do you mean that you "get the errors pointing to the following
parts of the udunits.inc"?

The routine utmake() returns a pointer to a newly-allocated unit
structure.  The receiving Fortran variable must be large enough to hold
this pointer.  It sounds like the definition of PTR is insufficient for
the task.

What Fortran primitive type is equivalent to a C pointer on

Steve Emmerson