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20030505: Help compiling readgeneral.f w/udunits on DEC Alpha


> To: <address@hidden>
> cc: John Gilson <address@hidden>,
> cc: Lisa Lehmann <address@hidden>
> From: Lisa Lehmann <address@hidden>
> Subject: Help compiling readgeneral.f w/udunits on DEC Alpha
> Organization: University of California at San Diego

The above message contained the following:

> I cannot get CDC's readgeneral.f to compile on our old DEC Alpha.
> I've browsed your email archives and tried a few suggestions
> with no luck yet.   As you know well, readgeneral.f is for reading
> netcdf format files from CDC.
> I have netcdf-3.5a installed.
> I installed udunits-1.11.7
> Attached is our uduints.inc file and our t.F (readgeneral.f)
> uname -a shows:
> OSF1 yasawa.ucsd.edu V4.0 878 alpha
> The compile command I've tried:
> f77 -cpp t.F -ludunits -lnetcdf
> (with a few variations on that) shows this as output:
> *****************************************************************
> fort: Error: /usr/local/include/udunits.inc, line 27: Unsupported or
> malformed preprocessor directive.
> #ifndef PTR

Interesting.  Because the above is definitely NOT a malformed
preprocessor directive, I'm not sure what's happening.

Perhaps a different extension will cause the compiler to preprocess the
file correctly.  Try renaming the file from "udunits.inc" to "udunits.F"
(you'll have to change the name of the include-file in your source-code
as well).

Please let me know if this helps.

BTW, I can't easily read BASE64-encoded email.

Steve Emmerson