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20020904: 'make' failure for udunits

>From: Ken Scheeringa <address@hidden>
>Organization: Purdue
>Keywords: 200209041909.g84J94Z19452 Udunits


>I have a Dell D8200 (Pentium 4) running Red Hat Linux 7.3.
>I am attempting to install udunits from the source
>distribution on your web site (I don't see a binary).
>'configure' for udunits runs fine with no errors
>according to its log file.  But when I do the 'make'
>it complains it can't find one of the accepted
>Fortran compilers among those listed in the make
>I want to use f77 (alias g77) off the RH distribution disk
>as I already have it installed.  Can I fool the
>make into using that Fortran compiler instead of one of
>those itemized in the make script?

You can tell configure which Fortran compiler to use.

>Do I need to set up an environment variable to do this?

Yes.  The way to do this is by setting the environment variable FC
before running configure.  One example of doing this is:

export FC

(assuming that f77 is in /usr/local/bin)

Since you have already run configure, you should do a 'make distclean'
after setting FC and then start from the beginning.

>Do I really need a Fortran interface at all?

No.  You should be able to tell configure to _not_ build the Fortran
interface by setting FC to be blank.

export FC=

>I thought a C interface was
>the only requirement to call udunits from netCDF?


>Thanks!  Your insight is much appreciated!

No worries.

Tom Yoksas

.From address@hidden Thu Sep  5 13:22:34 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020904: 'make' failure for udunits 

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Unidata Support wrote:


Thank you so much for your help yesterday.
It solved the problem I was having.

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