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20010821: UDUNITS on SUN E10000: Fortran pointer size

Eunjoo Jung,

> From: Eunjoo Jung <address@hidden>
> Subject: netcdf on SUN E10000
> Organization: University of New South Wales
> Keywords: 200108210126.f7L1Qe114402 netCDF Sun E10000

The above message contained the following:

> Hello,
> I am using netcdf-3.4 libraries for fortran 77. To use a fortran
> program on Dec Alpha running under OSF1, I have to change these
> variables
> in "udunit.inc", utmake(): integer*4 --> integer*8
> and in a fortran program, unitptr : integer*4 --> integer*8
> now I have to use SUN UltraSparc Enterprise 10000 and on this machine,
> those values doesn't seem to work properly.
> could you help me with this problem? or Do I have to change other
> compiling and linking options of netcdf libraries?

This is a problem with the UDUNITS package rather than the netCDF

What is the size of a C pointer on the SUN UltraSparc Enterprise 10000?

What is the Fortran integer that is the same size?

You should declare the return type of the Fortran function "utmake"
to be this type in the file "udunits.inc". You must also declare all
variables in your Fortran programs that hold a return value from
"utmake" to be this type.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>