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20001215: NetCDF and Udunits

Dear Zhang Baoning,

> To: <address@hidden>
> From: "Zhang Baoning" <address@hidden>
> Subject: For netcdf.h and udunits.h files
> Organization: Asian Institute of Technology
> Keywords: 200012131642.eBDGgNo13771

The above message contained the following:

> I would like to read netCDF file through cdcncdump software. I have
> downloaded cdcncdump through ftp. I want to compile the source code,
> but lack of netcdf.h and udunits.h. I have checked the website
> ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/netcdf. There are other netcdf software
> rather than netcdf.h and udunits.h file. Please help me.
> Thank you very much for your kindly help.
> Best Regards,
> Zhang Baoning
> Asian Institute of Technology

The C header files "netcdf.h" and "udunits.h" are part of the netCDF
and UDUNITS packages.  To obtain these header files, you will have to
install these packages.  The home web pages of these packages are




respectively.  You should go to these web pages, download the packages,
and see the README files that come with the packages.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>