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20001204: udunits and f90


> From: address@hidden (Lin H Chambers)
> Subject: udunits and f90
> Organization: NOAA/LARC
> Keywords: 200012042017.eB4KHZo29636 UDUNITS F90

The above message contained the following:

> I'm trying to use udunits-1.11.7 with a f90 program on an
> SGI running IRIX 6.5.  I'm having trouble because udunits
> is f77.
> 1)  Is there an f90 version of udunits?

The UDUNITS package can be built with a Fortran-77 compatible API.  The
API is implemented in C but is designed to be callable from Fortran-77
code.  Because of this, your first question devolves into your second

> OR
> 2)  Is there a way to use an f77 library with a f90 code?

I know that Fortran-90 code must be able to use Fortran-77 code because
the netCDF package does this.  The netCDF Fortran-90 API is implemented
using the netCDF Fortran-77 API.

> I have consulted my SAs locally, and so far we have not
> figured this out.
>   Thanks in advance for any tips.
> Lin Chambers
> 44371

I suggest that you take a look at the netCDF package on your system.
Contact me if you have any questions.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>

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