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Re: 20000203: about installation of udunits

Xuejin Zhang,

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> From: "Xuejin Zhang" <address@hidden>
> Subject: about installation of udunits
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In the above message, you wrote:

> I am a new user of netCDF format data. I should install netCDF and UDUNITS 
> libraries on my computer, SGI/Origin 2000 IRIX64 version6.5. But I am not a 
> superuser so I can't install the UDUNITS into the /user/local directory and 
> modify the perl5 library. I wonder if you could tell me how I install the 
> UDUNITS in my home directory.

If you don't need or want the UDUNITS Perl extension module, then you
don't need to do anything.

If you do need or want the UDUNTS Perl extension module, then you must
have access to the perl installation.  Either you get your system
administrator to install the UDUNITS package, or you must install your
own perl package and then install the UDUNTS Perl extension module in

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>