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Re: Problems with GRIB feature collections

> On Dec 6, 2017, at 6:09 AM, Sean Arms <address@hidden> wrote:
> However, I don't see that happening in any of the monthly collections listed, 
> so it is probably a bug. In the xml for these two collections, can you add 
> "TwoD" to the datasetTypes attribute of the gribConfig element? That will 
> give us a bit more information.

Thanks for your help.  To be certain that I add to the .xml what you want  can 
you give me the snippet of  what they would look like,  say for the pressure 
dataset.  That way I am certain I am doing what you want.



PS - I am going to go in and do some checks on the data.  We server what FNMOC 
has sent us, soo....

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