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[THREDDS #KJZ-146434]: [THREDDS] - double aggregation time/geographical

Greetings Vega,

It is only possible to aggregate using joinExistsing on the outer dimension
of a variable (which I assume time is the outer dimension in your case). If you
wanted to aggregate on time again, you could do so without issues. However,
given that the spatial dimensions are not outer dimensions, you could not do
a new joinExisting on them. Unfortunately, NcML will not do what you would
like. That said, what you propose is an often requested feature, and is on our
list of things to investigate (although I do not have a timeline to give you on 
at this point).



> Dear all,
> is it possible to aggregate nc files twice?
> I explain...
> let's say we have daily netcdf files for Mediterranean and Black Sea; at
> the moment, we're aggregating files by time (<aggregation dimName="time"
> type="joinExisting">), resulting in 2 different datasets/timeseries.
> Perfect.
> Now we'd like to aggregate them in one single ncML file resulting in a
> timeseries of the sum of the 2 areas (MED+BS)...is it possible? Can I
> have an example?
> We're using THREDDS "Version 4.3.20 - 20131125.1409"
> Thanks for the support
> Best Regards
> Vega
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