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[THREDDS #PMC-685007]: Problem with radar subset service

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the heads up. We will take a look to make sure there isn't an IDD or 
a TDS issue. In the mean time, you might try accessing thredds.ucar.edu which 
is running TDS 4.3 (motherlode:8080 is still running TDS 4.2).

We are about to announce the transition from motherlode.ucar.edu:8080 running 
TDS 4.2 to thredds.ucar.edu running TDS 4.3 (our current stable release). They 
are both available now and will remain so until 1 July when motherlode:8080 
will be upgraded to TDS 4.3. Then on 1 August we will either redirect 
motherlode:8080 to thredds.ucar.edu or block it all together.

The main changes between TDS 4.2 and 4.3 are listed here (the main focus of the 
page is for people running a TDS but the list should still be useful):


Accessing radar data, you probably won't see too many changes. But there are 
some changes to the netCDF Subset Service, mainly cleaning up the interface and 
making it work the way advertised.

Hope that helps,


Joe Sirott wrote:
> Hi,
> I've having a problem with the Level 3 radar subset service. When I
> executed a subset request like this at 23:53 GMT:
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/radarServer/nexrad/level3/IDD?var=NCR&stn=FTG&time=present
> I got the following result:
> <dataset name="Level3_FTG_NCR_20130325_2253.nids" ID="-1012979975"
> urlPath="NCR/FTG/20130325/Level3_FTG_NCR_20130325_2253.nids"><date
> type="start of ob">2013-03-25T22:53:00</date></dataset>
> When I looked in the THREDDS data directory of NCR files, the latest
> time that's available was around 23:43.
> This has happened twice in two days, and both times it occurred between
> 23:00 and 00:00 GMT. Both times it resolved after 00:00 GMT. I'm
> guessing that it's a time zone problem, with the subset service still on
> standard time and looking for files for tomorrow (in GMT) that don't
> exist yet...
> Thanks, Joe

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