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[netCDFDecoders #BRC-314440]: Motherlode Data Reterival

Hi Liam,

Thanks for contacting us. Yes, it looks like we saw a spike in requests from 
you guys and sometime last week we blocked your IP. During the spike we were 
seeing 95% failure of your requests (I'll have to check on what types of 
failures). Can you tell us a bit more about what types of requests you will be 
making (which URLs) and, if different, what requests you were making during the 
spike in requests? Also, any thoughts on the 95% failure rate we were seeing?

We'll open things back up for you. I'll let you know when it is done.



Liam Eastop wrote:
> Hi Rob and Unidata,
> Liam here from Swellcasta in Australia - I spoke to you in February in
> regards to using the NETCDF-JAVA package and the MOTHERLODE catalogue.
> To give you a bit of background again, myself and my partner are in the
> process of starting up a swell forecasting website which is reliant on
> the Wavewatch 3 Global Model.
> So far we have developed a Java web-app using the NETCDF-JAVA package
> which has been a big help and retrieving data from the MOTHERLODE
> catalogue which has been working perfectly for us until last friday.
> We recently reconfigured our server which triggered an error in our data
> retrieval.  From my knowledge we had a memory glitch which issued
> multiple timer threads, meaning that we had our site set to retrieve the
> data more frequently than required.
> Since this error occurred we found that our IP address has been blocked
> from the Motherlode catalogue.
> We have now fixed our site so we are hoping that we can have permission
> to download the latest NCEP-WW3-GLOBAL grib file 4 times per day at the
> following intervals (1Z, 7Z, 13Z, 19Z).
> I am writing to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to request
> your support in reissuing us access to the motherlode catalogue so we
> may continue our development.
> Our details are as follows:
> ABN: ....
> IP address: ... (Current)
> If you would like to ask any further questions or have any
> recommendations, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile if
> required.
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Many thanks,
> Liam

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