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[netCDFJava #HRP-801642]: Motherlode Rapid Refresh 20 km CONUS Model Grib File Problem


if you downloaded the grib file, then you are seeing a problem in the PyNIO / 
NCL package, which we cant do anything about.

if you are accessing through opendap, then we might be able to offer a 


> I have attempted to open 20 km RAP Model grib2 files downloaded from the mo=
> therlode server with PyNIO and run into significant problems.  When I attem=
> pt to open the RR file, I get the following error:
> In [2]: s =3D Nio.open_file('RR_CONUS_20km_20120614_1200.grib2')
> warning: Entry (242) not found in code table file /home/operations/.local/l=
> ib/python2.7/site-packages/PyNIO/ncarg/grib2_codetables/ncep/4/
> le
> Segmentation fault
> The warning seems to match up with the variable UnknownParameter_D0_C19_242=
> as listed on the motherlode catalog.  Is there a way I can modify the GRIB=
> tables to handle this variable so I can open the rest of the file, or can =
> you fix the 20 km RAP files on the Motherlode server so they do not contain=
> this variable anymore?
> Thank you,
> David John Gagne

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Ticket ID: HRP-801642
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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