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[IDV #DDB-941683]: Missing 1200 UTC files when browsing NOMADS NDGD RTMA TDS server with IDV

Greetings Kevin,

I'm pretty sure this isn't an IDV issue. If I use the netCDF Subset Service on 
the NOMADS THREDDS server and make the following request,


which means "please give me the Temperature data from the grid point closest to 
40N,-105E, from 10Z to 14Z on 2010-01-02, and let me have the data in csv 
format. K thx bai." I get the following in return:


Note that the 12Z data does not show up in this list either, which means 
something is being dropped (by accident or on purpose) on the NOMADS side. In 
fact, we can go 'all in' and ask for all of the data available at that point 


which is the same as above, except we use "temporal=all" (gimme all the 
times!), and sure enough, the string "T12" never appears in the output.

I've CC'd John to this message as he may have an idea what is happening here.



> Hi,
> Not sure if this is an IDV or TDS related problem ... or a problem at
> NCDC ... so am directing this query to both IDV and THREDDS support.
> I'm using IDV to browse the TDS server at nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov,
> specifically the RTMA archives, which are grouped within the National
> Digital Gridded Database.  I notice that when IDV displays the list of
> available date/times, the 1200 UTC files are never listed.  The files do
> in fact exist when one browses via http, e.g.
> http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/data/ndgd/201001/20100102/LTMA98_KWBR_201001021200
> In the Details tab of the NDGD RTMA CONUS - Air Temperature Properties
> in IDV, the file URL is
> "dods://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/thredds/dodsC/aggs/ndgdAggLTMA"
> Might there be a problem at NCDC's NOMADS server, in that the aggregated
> GRIB file directory missed adding the 1200 UTC files?  Or is it an IDV
> problem?
> Thanks for checking ...
> --Kevin
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