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[Support #RGP-816212]: Re: Thredds question

Greetings Jack,

First, I apologize for the delay in response. To answer your first question, 
the THREDDS data server is not setup to return subsets in GRIB2 format. We are 
always interested in hearing about use cases from our users, so if you have the 
time, I'd be interested in hearing why you desire GRIB2 output.

The answer to your second question is, well, interesting. From what I 
understand, it turns out that the default range for any variable is -50 to 50, 
regardless of variable. We are looking into updating the ncWMS code in THREDDS 
to reflect the latest version of ncWMS - it's possible that this range issue 
will be fixed when that upgrade occurs. Feel free to follow along with the 
progress on this on our issue tracking system 
(https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/jira/browse/TDS-218). Also, the THREDDS server on 
motherlode was updated shortly after your initial email to Ben, and the day 
before your email came into support. The changes made after updating the color 
bar (using the auto button) appear to show up in the Google Earth file now - 
would you mind giving it a shot again to see if you are still seeing the issue?

Again, sorry for the delay, and thanks for reporting these issues. Cheers!


> Thanks Ben, so sorry that you're my first thought when it
> comes to motherlode repository item questions.
> Two more things since this last email:
> 1) I have found what I was looking for (ability to
> geographically and by variable, subset 2.5km RTMA data) via
> the NCEP NOMADS site that allows grib filtering on their
> repositories:  http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov/
> One of my tech guys was aghast that the grib filter option
> uses a cgi-bin perl script, which is, or at least was, a
> security risk?  Can I assume the NCEP folks know about this,
> and might be looking into other ways to offer this GRIB
> subsetting?  Now, if the motherlode THREDDS server would
> allow for data subsets to be returned as their native
> GRIB(2), I'd simply use it, but I'm only seeing the option
> to return netCDF subsets; not my desired gridded format.
> 2) In looking at the RTMA 2.5km data on motherlode's THREDDS,
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/godiva2/godiva2.html?server=http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/wms/fmrc/NCEP/RTMA/CONUS_2p5km/files/RTMA_CONUS_2p5km_20111109_2100.grib2#
> I came across the nice option to use Godiva2 and view the
> data in a web browser.  That's very nice!  I then examined
> the link that says "Open in Google Earth."
> First, when I view the RTMA data, I selected 2m Dewpoint
> temperature to view.  When doing so, I got a black layer,
> due to the default range set on the color curve to be -50 to
> 50, and my data is in Kelvin, which is in the ballpark of
> the upper 200s (e.g. 290K).  I had to hit Auto to apparently
> get a color curve range that would display my data using the
> color curve. Can you make it read the data to get default
> max/min values so this doesn't happen?
> Second, despite making changes to the color curve max/min
> values, even when the browser display is correct, apparently
> those revised settings don't update what the "Open in Google
> Earth" is using to save off in KML/KMZ for Google, and I'm
> back to my default black field.  In fact, after trying
> several times, it appears perhaps only the initially-chosen
> variable is ever passed to the "Open in Google" option.  Can
> you look into that?
> I would love a response on this to know if what I'm seeing
> is correct, and not just my issue.  Thanks.
> Jack Settelmaier
> 817 978 1300
> On 11/3/2011 5:16 PM, Ben Domenico wrote:
> > Hi Jack,
> >
> > To my knowlege, there has not been a GRIB output option
> > for the subsetting capabilities in the TDS, but I'm
> > sending this to our Unidata support system in case I've
> > missed something along the way.
> >
> > -- Ben
> >
> > On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:18 PM, Jack Settelmaier
> > <address@hidden
> > <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:
> >
> >     I see one can subset data on a thredds server and get
> >     netcdf. I could have sworn I saw one could subset and
> >     get GRIB2 back, instead, but I don't see that option.
> >      Is subsetting and getting grib2 possible?
> >     From my Blackberry
> >
> >

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