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Re: Cache

Hi Estani:

yes we are caching catalogs, and we know its inefficient. we have been trying to refactor this for a while.

meanwhile, for servers with many static catalogs, you should turn off caching:


good to see you in livermore, hope to run into you soon!


On 12/8/2011 6:56 AM, Estanislao Gonzalez wrote:
Hi John,

I haven't got the time to test the new TDS, although I'm eager to :-)

But debugging some other problems (and playing around with new tools from the JDK 1.6) I got this dump of a working TDS:
Object Histogram:

num #instances #bytes Class description

1: 16076618 1062825760 char[]
2: 9141380 524291112 java.lang.Object[]
3: 13688352 438027264 java.lang.String
4: 8749808 209995392 java.util.ArrayList
5: 5077955 162494560 org.jdom.Attribute
6: 2093916 150761952 org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.opti.ElementImpl
7: 3009594 120383760 org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.opti.AttrImpl
8: 2917424 116696960 org.jdom.Element
9: 4277339 102656136 org.jdom.Text
10: 2430493 97219720 org.jdom.Attribute[]
11: 2920707 93462624 org.jdom.ContentList
12: 2917424 93357568 org.jdom.AttributeList
13: 69695 93236992 byte[]
14: 1390423 85737680 int[]
15: 1366453 74250648 org.jdom.Content[]
16: 560070 53766720 thredds.catalog.ThreddsMetadata
17: 2084070 50306496 org.w3c.dom.Attr[]

What is being cached exactly? It looks a lot...
Why are the DOM there?

I think that you might be holding the DOM elements in a strong reference, and those, again, are the one holding the String and, again, the char[].
Do you need to store the DOM? Is this changing dynamically so often for your other use-cases?
I would have thought you would want to create the DOM, dump it to a string and hold that string within a SoftReference object to allow GC in case it's needed. The DOM could then GC and would be eligible over the SoftReference (supposedly)

How are you caching the catalogs exactly?


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