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Re: TDS Training Followup

On 11/10/2010 4:01 PM, Jason R Hopkins wrote:

I completely reloaded TDS today on our prod machine and attempted to enable NCSS (again).  The production checklist you mentioned at the end of the course was very helpful for expediting the reinstallation process.  However, even with a clean install of the most up to date components, ncss responds with the standard 403 error.  It has been enabled in threddsConfig.xml, but it is not recognized as a supported service. 

The only thing i've found that was suspicious was a reference to a static file location that could not be written to "/data/tmp/thredds4/cdm/working/" in the catalina.out log.

Where should I go from here to enable ncss?


check threddsConfig.xml and see if theres a trailing/leading blank on the
if that seems ok, send me the logs from the servletThredds.log file for the failing request

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