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[THREDDS #YGW-188932]: Thredds configuration interface

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Wilkins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for an interface to configure Thredds catalogs, something
> like a web administration page allowing the creation and integration of
> simple catalogs with basic dataset and datasetScan elements.
> What I need is to allow data producers to add there data into a Thredds
> "sandbox" server without having to know how to write catalogs, just
> adding data in a user friendly manner.
> I've already searched for a such interface on Unidata web site and Google,
> but I did not found something like that.

A web interface for TDS configuration is on our list of desired features but we 
have not yet found the resources/time to focus on that task. Hand editing XML 
configuration files is never pleasant but I'm afraid that is what we have at 
the moment.

> I read a bit of the Ramadda server (but not tested) but I don't think
> that's what I'm looking for, it can integrate Thredds catalogs or local
> data file(s) but does not seems as extansible as Thredds.

RAMADDA is a scientific data content management system which allows users to 
upload data files or collections of files as well as supporting material and 
metadata. It can then serve the data in various ways and supports search on the 
metadata. It does not currently support all the aggregation capabilities of the 
TDS or all the data access services available from the TDS. I'm not familiar 
enough with RAMADDA to say much about its extensibility.
> Does anyone know something about that ?

If you were trying to ask the THREDDS users community about this, you should 
email address@hidden This email came to our support system (address@hidden) 
rather than to the THREDDS list.

> Regards
> Jonathan Wilkins
> Actimar, France

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Ticket ID: YGW-188932
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: High
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