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[THREDDS #GRM-434463]: Time Ranges, Temporal Subsetting with Thredds WCS

Hi Leakha,

> I'm trying to perform a WCS temporal subsetting query
> (http://chevrolet-bt:8080/thredds/wcs/wronRainfallEnhanced/20050210.rai.
> nc?SERVICE=WCS&VERSION=1.0.0&REQUEST=GetCoverage&COVERAGE=InterpolatedDa
> ilyAustralianClimateData&CRS=WGS84(DD)&TIME=2001-02-10T00:00:00Z,2001-02
> -10T12:00:00Z&FORMAT=NetCDF3)
> I keep getting this error message on my Tomcat console
> (java.lang.NullPointerException
> at thredds.wcs.WcsDataset.findTimeIndex(WcsDataset.java:220)
> at
> thredds.wcs.WcsDataset.checkCoverageParameters(WcsDataset.java:151))
> Could you please clarify if the Thredds supports time subsetting as it
> seems that time subsetting is possible in OGC WCS 1.0 specs.

I'm afraid our current WCS 1.0 implementation does not fully implement the WCS 
specification. The time subsetting is one of those areas. It currently can only 
deal with requests for a single time point.

I'm working on improving our WCS 1.0 capabilities. It will better handle time 
and height requests. I'm also working on improving its error messages.

We are planning on having an alpha release in mid- or late-December with a full 
release in January or February.

Sorry our documentation isn't a bit more forthcoming. I'll try to improve that 
as well.


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Ticket ID: GRM-434463
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