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[Support #OWG-677920]: aggregation

Hi David,

I'm going to leave the issue you are having with the "DODS Dataset Access Form" 
for John to answer as I'm not sure what is going on there.

> Another question. I assume that the aggregation can only
> work with native netcdf files? Or can it aggregate
> other types (grib or vis5d)?

The TDS OPeNDAP server can serve any dataset that the netCDF-java library can 
read, which includes GRIB but not vis5d. The full list of file types that 
nc-java can read are listed on the nc-java web page, 

Aggregation adds an extra twist. In particular, GRIB files raise some issues 
because of indexing into the files and the often inhomogeneous nature of GRIB 
file collections. John is working on aggregation for GRIB files, in particular, 
collections of forecast model runs.

I'll leave the details to John.

Hope this helps,


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