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Re: Serving remote datasets with the NetCDF server

We can write a Netcdf file from an OpenDAP dataset that uses the Netcdf-3 data 
model. Subsetting it by lat/lon bounding box requires that we understand the 
coordinate system of the dataset, etc. We can do this for a remote URL as with 
the WCS.

Note that none of this is currently available through the TDS, but we can add 
this to our to-do list.

Rich Signell wrote:

The remote data set serving capability of the THREDDS WCS is fantastic, and it would be great if this capability could eventually be added to the NetCDF Server.

(right now, I understand from
that the NetCDF Server currently only works on IDD/NCEP grib data served by the TDS)

Then folks would have a simple tool to extract collections of subsetted variables from any OpenDAP served CDM and receive a NetCDF file. That seems to be what most our users want to do.


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