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Hi David:

The pages are rather hidden in the thredds catalogs.

Starting from


Drill down to any individual file. Under "Access", you will see "NetcdfServer". CLick on 
that and you will see the "NetCDF Grid Subset Server" form for that dataset.

David Maidment wrote:
I tried to replicate the process that you showed me when I was in Boulder by which
you downloaded a netCDF file selected from Motherlode. I spent quite a lot of time
searching through the Unidata stuff and I can't find the query page that we used
for this purpose.
Did you document how this was done? If so, please send me that document.
If not, please document.
John Caron -- this is something that I would like to publicize at the ESRI User
Conference on August 6. Do you have any concerns about my doing that?

We probably need to clean it up some, and try to make it more robust before widespread use. You can certainly show it to anyone who understands that it is still beta quality.

Let me discuss this with others - i will get back to you.


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