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Re: metadata question

Hi Bruce,

Bruce Flynn wrote:
I tried the modifications you suggested and got disappointing results. I've posted the errors produced again at http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~brucef.
Some of it still looks to me like problems with the document your are xlink:href-ing to in the metadata element. Can you send me what that document looks like?

Your suggestions bring up a couple of questions regarding the schema:
1. Is it correct that the order in the schema is the _exact_ order they must appear in the XML doc (if they appear of course)?
The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it depends on how you define your XML Schema. The THREDDS InvCatalog schema is defined so that the order of the elements (in most cases) matters.
2. where is the definition for datasetRoot? It doesn't appear to be in the schema.
3. there are some other elements, addDatasetSize for example, that also don't seem to be in the schema.
What version of the schema are you looking at? The datasetRoot element has been in the 1.0.1 version since July of 2005. Are you using the schema distributed with your version of the TDS? What version of the TDS are you running?

I see your point about the documentation. A description with the additional xhtml anchor tag would probably work well, but I cannot seem to get that to work either. The XML parser fails when it comes across the anchor.
Can you send me the documentation element you tried and the error messages you got? I might be able to figure something out from that.

Unfortunately, the server is running on a machine that is not available outside of SSEC. If it would be helpful I can run a service on a machine that is available.
If it isn't too much trouble, that might make things easier. But we might be getting close as it is. So, ...


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