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Re: is restarting tomcat necessary?

On Monday 15 May 2006 20:57, Bruce Flynn wrote:
> I'm working on some scripts that generate some catalogs for my data
> in a specific way.  I am therefore modifying my catalogs during the
> debug and testing process.  Is it necessary to restart tomcat each
> time?  I'm restarting to often and getting "port already in use"
> errors.  It's getting to be a real pain, so any help would be much
> appreciated.

You can use the /Tomcat Web Application Manager/ or use /ant/ to restart only 
thredds. I use ant in an automated script and it works fine. I do not however 
get the same error as you do when restarting tomcat, so you should still try 
fixing that (are you running several tomcats?).

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