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I'm using thredds 3.4 on tomcat 5.0.30.

My content/thredds/catalog.xml contains:
<catalogRef xlink:title="North Atlantic Class 1 - Best estimate and bulletins"
     <documentation type="summary">
                   DODS Data Prepared for the MERSEA IP EU Project.
     <documentation type="simple"
                   xlink:title="MERSEA Project Web page">

Where is the documentation shown? 

Wouldn't it be better to have a <metadata inherited="true">...</metadata> 
inside <catalogRef> and let all the datasets in 
dodsC/mersea-ip-class1-nat.xml inherit them? Another way that would work for 
me was to have it like this:
<dataset "container"> <!-- no ID on this -->
<metadata inherited="true">...</metadata>
<catalogRef ... />
And then all the datasets in the catalogRef also inherit the metadata.

I use catalogRef to avoid having to process all my large datasets unless 
specifically asked for, but they mainly have pretty much the same 
<authority>, <dataType>, <dataFormat>, <documentation>, <creator> and 

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