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Re: Anyone with successful aggregation?

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 21:28, John Caron wrote:
> Hi Bjorge:
> Bjørge Solli wrote:
> > The problem is fixed. I needed the ID on the dataset and some more
> > attributes on the catalog-tag.
> you need an ID on the catalog so it can be selected from a browser.
> what did you need on the catalog element?

Sorry for not mentioning. Was so happy to finally getting it to work. Adding 
ID only worked after also adding to the catalog element this:

> > I find it a bit frustrating that I don't find any complete explanation of
> > the XML-attributes. Have I overlooked it or is there none available?
> Sorry about the frustration, you are one of the first try this, so its a
> bit rough.
> The full descriprtion of NcML is at:
> Let me know what is confusing and we will try to improve the docs.

If any confusions occur I will be delighted to help on improvements.

> Go ahead and post questions to the thredds group.

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