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Re: display of metadata html

ok, theres a couple of problesm:

1) change your URLS


to dodsdev.gso.uri.edu:8080

since these need to be accessible from off your subnet

2) theres a bug in my html generator for catrefs with absolute URLS such as 
yours. Ill have to think about it and try to get you a fix tommorrow.

3) your catalog has some problems. did you generate these with cataloggen or ?? 
So you have an XML validator like Oxygen or XMLSpy?

4) the catalog is breaking my THREDDS validator, which i will also try to get 
fixed tomorrow, so at least you can use that.

as usual bugs inside of bugs!

carl wolfteich wrote:
Hi John,

I updated to v 3.3 and as you can see at


that the presentation is quite different from before. Do I need to redo some of the xml files now to accomodate this newer version?
For example if I go to the second link from the top which should be the catalogRef element for that dataset:

SSM/I Pathfinder Wind Speed - Level 2/ <http://dodsdev:8080/thredds/cataloggen/catalogs/JPL054.html>

I get an error message because it is looking for an html file, not the .xml that is referenced in the catalog.xml file. Are there some further adjustments I need to make for this newer version to work properly on my server? Thanks for your help.


John Caron wrote:

ok, maybe i found it at:


this is an old version. can you upgrade to v 3.3 at:


(see http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/index.html#TDS)
Carl Wolfteich wrote:


Yes, the url for the main catalog is:


Looking at the html, the "complete metadata" link works for each dataset and displays as an html. A catalogRef element is given for each dataset but it is only the first dataset, "*SSM/I Pathfinder Ocean Wind Speed, Level 2" where the catalogRef element shows a "complete metadata" link for each data granule. I was working with this first one to get the metadata html to work before applying it to the rest of them. Thanks for looking at this.

Carl Wolfteich


John Caron wrote:

can you send me your catalog or a URL to it?

carl wolfteich wrote:

I am constructing a thredds catalog whereby within each included dataset, there is a separate catalogRef element. Within the main catalog there is metadata for each dataset that can be displayed as an html with the "complete metadata" link. I am also including unique metadata, however, at the granule level which is included in the referenced catalogRef for each dataset. A "complete metadata" link is thus included and displayed for each granule of data within the catalogRef element. THe problem is that when you click on this link in the html an error message is given that this
"... doGetFiles(): Requested file does not exist or is a directory </catalogs/subset.html>"

so this metadata cannot be displayed as an html. The problem seems to be where these referenced catalogRef elements are placed on the system. The main catalog.xml is in the directory:
...../content/thredds and displays the full metadata as an html when the link is accessed. The catalogRef elements however are all stored in .../content/thredds/cataloggen/catalogs and apparently the metadata cannot be displayed as an html from this directory. Is there a reason why the metadata html cannot be displayed when the .xml is located in this lower directory? Is it an easy fix so I can easily see the metadata as an html at the granule level if I want to? Thanks for your help.

Carl Wolfteich

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