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display of metadata html

I am constructing a thredds catalog whereby within each included dataset, there is a separate catalogRef element. Within the main catalog there is metadata for each dataset that can be displayed as an html with the "complete metadata" link. I am also including unique metadata, however, at the granule level which is included in the referenced catalogRef for each dataset. A "complete metadata" link is thus included and displayed for each granule of data within the catalogRef element. THe problem is that when you click on this link in the html an error message is given that this
"... doGetFiles(): Requested file does not exist or is a directory </catalogs/subset.html>"

so this metadata cannot be displayed as an html. The problem seems to be where these referenced catalogRef elements are placed on the system. The main catalog.xml is in the directory:
...../content/thredds and displays the full metadata as an html when the link is accessed. The catalogRef elements however are all stored in .../content/thredds/cataloggen/catalogs and apparently the metadata cannot be displayed as an html from this directory. Is there a reason why the metadata html cannot be displayed when the .xml is located in this lower directory? Is it an easy fix so I can easily see the metadata as an html at the granule level if I want to? Thanks for your help.

Carl Wolfteich

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