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Re: latest Catalog XML

Quoting Ethan Davis <address@hidden>:

>The first item seems quite minor but would actually move some complexity
> back
> into the catalog element that we recently removed for various reasons.

I am trying to keep you from making a mistake.

> The second item we addressed by allowing service elements to contain
> property
> elements. Doesn't capture the full semantics of what you are trying to
> convey
> but a stop-gap measure while we work on this further.

I do not understand what you are saying here.   If suffix is not a standard part
of a service call, then clients will not know how to construct a url out of a
base, middle, and suffix -- if they cannot construct the urls, then compound
services cannot be centrally specified and referenced multiple times below.

My example:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE catalog SYSTEM "http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/thredds.dtd";>
<service ID="IngridDataset" serviceType="Compound"
<service serviceType="DODS" suffix="dods"/>
<service serviceType="Catalog" suffix="thredds.xml"/>
<collection name="LEVITUS94">
<attribute name="fullname" value="LEVITUS94"/>
<access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/"/>
<attribute name="references" value="Conkright:etal1994 Levitus:Boyer1994a
Levitus:etal1994 Levitus:Boyer1994c"/>

<documentation>LEVITUS94:  World Ocean Atlas 1994, an atlas of objectively
analyzed fields of major ocean parameters</documentation>

<dataset name="ANNUAL">
<access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.ANNUAL/"/>
<dataset name="MONTHLY">
<access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.MONTHLY/"/>
<dataset name="SEASONAL">
<access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.SEASONAL/"/>

Each access specifies part of the url:  the suffix and base are necessary to
complete the url.   Compound services are not useful otherwise.

> Considering this is the current DTD acceptable to you till the next round
> of
> changes?

No, it is not.   Until I can reference usefully a compound service, I will be
unable to use the standard.


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