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Re: latest Catalog XML

Thanks peter, this is very similar. comments below.

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> Hi all,
> An interesting discussion. I wrestled a bit with this around the time
> of the DODS developers meeting last January. I have attached a table
> that I put together to help me keep track of the issues. I think that
> you have progressed way beyond this, but thought that you might find
> it interesting anyway.
> Peter

> OPeNDAP Data Objects are the data retrieved by any OPeNDAP URL
(constrained or unconstrained).

   == THREDDS dataset(meaning #3)

> OPeNDAP Datasets (or OPeNDAP Granules) are OPeNDAP Data Objects accessed
by an unconstrained URL.

  I envision that constrained URLs are also legitimate targets for THREDDS
dataset elements. So a THREDDS dataset (meaning #2) has a constrained or
unconstrained OPeNDAP URL.

> OPeNDAP Data Collections are collections of OPeNDAP Datasets that are
accessible either as a new OPeNDAP Dataset via an OPeNDAP Aggregation
Server, or as a list of OPeNDAP Datasets via a File Server.

  An agg.server transparently makes dataset collections into THREDDS
datasets. So THREDDS collections are just groups of related datasets. Im not
sure how file servers work.

> NVODS Datasets are all of the meteorological or oceanographic data at a
site that the data provider considers to be logically connected. Could be an
OPeNDAP Dataset, an OPeNDAP Data Collection or a group of OPeNDAP Datasets
that are not formally linked from an OPeNDAP perspective.

  I think this would be a THREDDS Collection.

thanks for your comments

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