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20011030: forwarded bounced message from Ted Habermann

------- Forwarded Message

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:17:00 -0700
From: Ted Habermann <address@hidden>
To: Ben Domenico <address@hidden>
CC: thredds <address@hidden>,
   John C Cartwright <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: THREDDS update

Ben et al.,

I just returned to Boulder from the NOAATech2002 meeting in Silver
Spring. There were quite a few interesting presentations of progress
made by a number of groups in NOAA using ArcIMS. The amount of NOAA
data becoming available using this tool is increasing fast.

While I was there I spoke with Jon Callahan from PMEL about using
ArcIMS as an alternative back end to LAS. This could be done directly
into ArcIMS using AXL (the ESRI version of geographic markup language)
or using an open GIS compatible image request. I am thinking that this
might be an interesting additional access path to data being served by
various groups using ArcIMS and am thinking that it may provide a way
for THREDDS to access this growing NOAA data stream.

I might also mention that John Cartwright and I will be at ESRI next
week to talk about connecting DODS to ArcIMS as a custom data source.
This will provide a path for DODS data into GIS clients.

I hope that both of these developments will prove useful to THREDDS and
look forward to working with you and the THREDDS team as we make

Ted Habermann

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