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Next Steps for THREDDS


We'd like to initiate interactions among the THREDDS community even though it may take a while to complete the administrative processes that result in the actual grant funding. One important foundation item will be for each group to learn more about what the others are doing that relates to THREDDS, so we thought it would be good, at least initially, to use a combination of this email list and our web sites to exchange that information. This will also serve to get everyone used to online interactions which we'll have to depend on for the most part anyway. Here's an outline of what we thought we might accomplish before we are funded for a face to face meeting of the T3F (THREDDS Technical Task Force).

By the end of July, each collaborating group will update the web pages describing the work they are doing that's relevant to THREDDS. Please send your URLs to Robb Kambic (address@hidden) who will create a web page on our server with links to all the other pages.

During August, we can read one anothers web postings, ask for clarifications and then post a new page describing how each group sees its work tying in with the others. In particular, we'd like to learn where the various projects:

-- overlap in a redundant or conflicting fashion
-- complement one another
-- are pretty much independent
-- need significant modification in order to work in THREDDS.

Then we can take a few weeks for online discussion and clarification. By that time, the funding should be available and we can schedule a face to face technical meeting which we can undertake with all parties aware of what the others are working on. The meeting itself should be much more productive that way.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this process of getting to know one another's work.

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