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[python #LZG-751089]: Accessing Thredds Satellite Data


Apologies on the delayed response. This is a known issue in the netCDF C 
library that (apparently) is not fixed in 4.7.4. Feel free to follow along here:



> Hello -
> I have started going through all of your MetPy Monday entries, and I just
> recently was working with the topics covered in MetPy Monday #11:
> https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/blogs/developer/en/entry/metpy-mondays-9-plotting-goes
> The only changes made to the code from what was provided was to update the
> url to the current server.  It seems to be pointing to the right directory
> - However, I am getting the following error:
> OSError: [Errno -45] NetCDF: Not a valid data type or _FillValue type
> mismatch: b'
> https://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/dodsC/satellite/goes/east/grb/ABI/CONUS/Channel08/20201206/OR_ABI-L1b-RadC-M6C08_G16_s20203410006098_e20203410008471_c20203410008564.nc
> '
> This seems to be a fairly common issue on github but I am not finding any
> real solutions.  Are you aware of any workarounds for this problem?

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