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[python #MRI-273760]: CAPE compute


There are not any pre-done capabilities using CCL in MetPy--in fact, MetPy does 
not even have support for calculating CCL. You are welcome to make a feature 
request to add it on our issue tracker:


Right now, what you can do is calculate the CCL yourself, and use that to 
calculate the temperature profile for a parcel as it ascends (using MetPy's 
`dry_lapse` and `moist_lapse` functions). Once you have the parcel profile, you 
can use `metpy.calc.cape_cin` to calculate CAPE. You can find documentation for 
these functions here:


Regarding DCAPE, we have an open issue on this:


Right now that issue is stalled looking for some good test cases to validate 
our implementation. If you know of any, feel free to post them in the issue!

Hope this helps,


> Hi,
> Is it possible calculate the CAPE from the CCL (instead from LCL)? In 
> afirmative case, could be drawn this new area in the Skew-T sounding?
> I'm interesting in DCAPE too, metpy can actually calculate this parameter?

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