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[python #HIY-308608]: siphon filter_time_nearest w/ "day of year" (for GOES ABI & GLM)


Yes, the filter functions in the last release of Siphon do not work with the 
GOES products. On the Siphon master branch, we've added the ability to specify 
your `strptime` format string, as well as adjusting the regex with a `strptime` 
named group to allow for that very use case. The Pull Request adding it is:


If you'd like to install master yourself, you can do that with:

    python -m pip install git+https://github.com/Unidata/siphon.git

Hope that helps,


> Ryan :
> FYI, GOES ABI & GLM use "day of year" in their file name time stamps.
> I hacked a patch to siphon/catalog.py to handle "day of year" (attached).
> Should I open an "issue" for this ?
> PS, here's the regex :
> re0 =
> r'_s(?P<year>\d{4})(?P<doy>[0123]\d{2})(?P<hour>[012]\d)(?P<minute>[0-5]\d)(?P<second>[0-5]\d)._e'

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