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[python #IEZ-401417]: python kernel switcher plugin


We'll see what we can do. Questions:

1) What operating system are you running?

2) What is the output of:
    conda list -n py3 pillow

3) What happens if you do:
    conda install --force -n py3 pillow

Does that happen to make it work?


> Hi Ryan,
> Okay, I think I got all of that working. I'm sorry to reopen this ticket
> with another question, but I'm having problems with PIL. If you'd like me
> to reopen another ticket with this question then please let me know.
> When I try "from PIL import Image", I get an error saying there is no
> module PIL. I googled this and tried "import Image", "import Pillow",
> installing PIL/Pillow, uninstalling them, and then installing them again,
> and nothing seems to work. The interesting thing is that when I'm working
> in my *base environment, importing PIL and Image seems to work, but when I
> go into one of the three environments I created (whether it's the *py2,
> *py3, or *notebook environments), importing PIL or Image doesn't work, even
> when I install PIL/Pillow in those environments. Could you please help me
> with this?

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