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[python #HBO-649201]: IO bounds with large netCDF


Are you only doing this using Python? Or have you tried the netCDF-C library as 

I'm wondering if there's some issues of how the data are chunked at play:



> Ryan,
> Patrick Marsh here at SPC has pointed me in your direction to ask about an
> issue I am having. I have a netCDF file that has a variable in it that is
> 8784*2502*5852 in size. I have been using packages like h5netcdf to take
> advantage of parallel IO. The calculations I do are basically taking 2D
> arrays from each level of the first dimension and also taking 1D arrays at
> each point for all time (again, the first axis). What I am running into is
> that my analysis is IO bound. I have attempted to alleviate some of this
> problem by making temporary arrays that store a chunk of data before
> writing the results back to disk. This helps some, but it would still take
> a day or more to process. Are you aware of anything I could look into to
> try and make this more efficient or have someone else I should ask about
> this? I appreciate whatever advice you might have.

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